If you are looking for Telegram fake views bot, come meet one of the best, @EagleViewsBot. Telegram is a very popular social network and a practical platform in recent years. Using its various features, especially Telegram channels and groups, you can start your activity or take steps towards its growth. But how can you be seen among so many channels? We recommend you to follow this post and learn more about one of the most important influencing factors in Telegram, which is post views and ways to increase them.

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Why is it important to increase telegram post views?

Since one of the criteria for the validity of Telegram channels is the number of views of its posts, it is better to try to increase it. You will save time if you use fake views bot and buy telegram post views. You also avoid wasting your capital. High views make more users join your channel and your posts get more views. Finally, a more prominent and professional effect of your channel will be shown.
The number of post views usually indicates the activity level of channel members. In a way, it is possible to determine the attractiveness of posts for channel subscribers. The more attractive the post, the more views. It is very important for Telegram channel managers to increase the number of views of their posts. Because the credibility and value of Telegram channels is measured by this issue. A very popular trick among new or experienced admins is to visit Telegram posts. This method has been used by many users and has brought satisfactory results.


How to get more Telegram post views?

Some of the solutions to increase Telegram post visits do not require financial capital, and some others require some capital. In this section, we are going to teach some simple tricks.


Take time to create good content

In order to increase the number of views of a post, it must be attractive enough for the user. To achieve this goal, we need to optimize the post. Of course, you need to devote more time to your channel. We suggest you get help from the admin.

  • Shortness of the post or publication of long content in several posts
  • Choosing attractive titles for each post and increasing the enthusiasm of users to read it
  • Use of image or video to increase the user’s pause on the post
  • Readability of the post so that users can use it.


exchange (reciprocal advertising)

This type of advertising, where two channels publish posts from each other’s channels at the same level, is called exchange. Exchange is suitable for all channels. Your channel can exchange with its similar channel in any position. It is a very convenient opportunity to advertise your channel completely free of charge. By using this method, you increase the total number of visits.

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Increase your activity on Telegram

A large part of Telegram visits depends on your activity level. If users see your channel’s notifications every day, you have more chances to attract users’ attention. And users may also be more willing to spend time on your channel. Try to post throughout the day and at intervals. Be sure to identify when users are at their peak.


Pin some of your posts

You may want to increase the number of visits to certain posts. For example, for store channels, they may plan to have a post to announce a discount, and if they pin it, it will attract a lot of attention. It also helps users to get information about your channel quickly.


Buy telegram post views

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Is it necessary to buy telegram member posts when I buy post views?

The number of members and the number of views of the posts are completely related to each other. If your subscribers increase, the number of posts will also increase. In order to increase your Telegram members, you can buy real members. It is a very effective and easy method that is recommended by professional admins. If you want to buy a Telegram member, you can contact our support team.

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Does buy Telegram post views help to increase income?

As you know, advertising is one of the ways to earn money in Telegram, and one of the famous advertising methods is to determine the advertising rate based on the number of post views. For example, a user asks you for advertising and you are supposed to put his advertising post in your Telegram channel. To determine the advertising rate and the cost of this advertising post, you can measure the number of visits to that channel’s Telegram post. The more views your posts have, the more money you will receive and the more you will earn. In addition, the number of visits to posts is also effective on product sales. If the user who enters your channel sees a high number of views, he will consider your channel as trustworthy and will be more eager to buy. Be sure that when you buy post views you will increase your income to a great extent.



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